Find out where he was born

It is known that in its first 30 days of life, the dog learns a lot: first of all, to be a dog! The first place the dog knows is the mother and siblings next to him, then he starts interacting with other species and objects of the environment in which he lives.

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This mother-environment transition is essential for the dog to grow up without fear or behavioral disturbances – a puppy raised far from heat and affective stimuli could develop neurosis, paranoia and anxiety. Make sure that the dog is raised in an environment clean, warm and pleasant, and the mother is accustomed to interaction with humans. you can visit to find cute boy cat names.

Find out about his health

At 60 days a puppy should be fully weaned, dewormed, and the first vaccines should have done as well. The breeder, or the person in charge of the litter, should also have already enrolled the creature in the ASL (at the ENCI, if the dog has a pedigree) and inserted the microchip.

Let yourself be told: what the dog has eaten up to that moment, where he played if he has had cases of gastroenteritis or some small infection (in puppies it often happens in the ears).

It is important to consider the dog’s medical history before taking it to a new environment. In the days following the arrival of the puppy, it must be seen by the veterinarian . In this regard, it is good to choose one who becomes the trusted one, so that he follows the dog in vaccination programs and builds an affectionate relationship with him.