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What are the best free online courses?

If you want to learn through internet then internet will provide you a lot of good opportunities that will give you exposure and enhances your skills. The specialty of these courses is that you can learn and get ready for your exams preparation while sitting in your home. I will discuss some of the platforms that provide Best free online courses to users as following:

  1. Codecademy

It gives a platform for that people who need to learn about coding languages like Python, JAVA, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, Swift, Sass and HTML. It also gives home assignments and tasks for the preparation of commanding on these topics.

For computer science students, it will be a great imitative. They should visit this site for their bright future.

  1. HubSpot academy

It is also a well organized and renowned platform. It offers to learn about tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, landing pages, customer support and search engine optimization. This academy teaches about marketing techniques. They also give training related to marketing.

It is the best source for that people who wants to learn about marketing skills and well-groomed enough for business purpose.

  1. LearnVest

If someone wants to start a business plan or already started his business and need guideline for managing things then he should visit LearnVest site and also used its tool. LearnVest provides a money center tool that will manage your investment and view budget and also checkup between your investment and you planner.

I think, that is wonderful tool to use for business matters.

  1. Khan Academy
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Khan Academy executes by American Salman Khan. This academy aims to provide educational platform for public. They upload their videos on YouTube as well as on individual mobile apps from which data can be retrieved, so easily. They also offer online courses for the preparation of standardized tests MCAT & SAT. They also provide coding online courses for learning mind students.

Well, it is a vast platform that has full variety of content that you can get access easily.

  1. MIT Courseware

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) provides all educational material through online courses for not just undergraduates but also graduates freely and openly available. The content that they are providing placed in the form of RealMedia. They also invented some discoveries for Iphone app.

This platform is also beneficial for students especially those who regularly go to educational institutions.

  1. Coursera

Coursera provides a world-wide online learning platform that offers Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) by Stanford University’s professors from which students can get degrees, master programs. Coursera is affiliated with universities and other organizations that offer online courses related to science, technology, computer science, digital marketing etc. They also give home task, projects and quizzes for preparation. They give option to choose time limit of completing a course and the date of submission at which they have to submit their material or required task.

It is very fruitful opportunity for students to get education from StandFord University by sitting in home from anywhere in the world.

  1. Alison  

Alison gives free online educational learning platform. It focuses on work-based skills. It provides a lot of opportunities like diploma and certificates. They required time limit of 2 hours up to 5 hours of students depends upon the course they choose. They didn’t bound the limit on which course will come to an end.

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It is also a good opportunity for all students in the world who are willing to do it.

If you are going through these kinds of courses then you can Submit free stories on our website yes, we are interested to listen your stories and also you can Submit free articles if you want to share your experience all over the world.

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