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What Are The 6 Types of Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety is a normal, very common feeling of unease such as; panic or fear. Anxiety disorders stem from a complex set of risk factors such as either a big, traumatic event or a buildup of smaller stressful life situations. Anyone anywhere can get a tad bit anxious when under any sort of pressure but a disorder is a condition of excessive and ongoing worrying. This condition does not simply go away like the occasional anxiety the other person might experience, it stays and it can always get worse. The symptoms are likely to impede a person’s daily life and therefore have a strong impact on how they function socially and individually. Anxiety disorders are often categorized as long term treated diseases and it is not easily gone from any patient’s life and especially if the anxiety is not treated at early stages it may develop into depression and can affect the life and mood swings of the patients badly. Anxiety can be treated with professional mental health care therapies and other medications which mainly include the best CBD oil for anxiety in The UK which is considered one of the best medications for curing anxiety patients.

According to the conducted researches from different mental health clinics, there are different kinds of anxiety disorders in which the major disorders are explained as follows:


Anxiety can be of different kinds, but this kind is the most common one which is mostly found in different people in which people have different kinds of fears of different things such as animals, situations, or objects which mainly will include fears of different situations such as meeting new people, fear of heights, fear of dogs, spiders, it even includes the fear of going to the dentist or going to school facing new people. A person which is mostly facing phobia treats this kind of condition in two ways i.e. they face their fear by confronting the situation on the other hand that particular person avoids every situation that meets their fear. A phobia is considered to be the problem of the patient if the fear lasts for at least six months and children under the age of 3 are not considered as phobia patients who are afraid of new people or afraid of the dark.

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General Anxiety:

Generalized anxiety is the toughest of all which cannot be easily treated because it is a mixture of many fears in which the person worries about different things, fear, and topics at one time which makes him/her unable to think clearly and focus on their daily routine works. That particular person becomes a serious patient of anxiety disorder and most doctors find it very difficult to treat this type of anxiety because they can’t seem to find the main cause leading to their anxiety.

Panic Attack Disorders:

Panic disorders mostly occur when a person faces any situation that may lead to panic attacks which mostly includes increased amount of sweating, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, shaking of heads, in some cases severe headaches, the person may fear that he/she is about to go crazy or die this situation mostly lasts for 15 minutes in which the person loses his/her control completely and it seems impossible to calm that person down. Panic attacks certainly don’t mean that person is suffering from any disorder it can happen to any person most of the people who are diagnosed with this problem avoid the situation which causes serious panic attacks.

Social Anxiety Disorder:

Social anxiety disorder mostly includes when a person feels extreme discomfort in meeting new people and have trouble in interacting with any new people, it may seem like that the person suffering from social anxiety disorder may think that they are being judged by others and they are also afraid that they may say something wrong which may lead to any criticism which they are afraid to face. Social anxiety patients may also feel comfortable around their normal friends and family members but they might act strange in front of strangers and may talk less or remain quiet for all time.

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:

It is a mental disorder in which the person has the need to perform some of the daily routine matters repeatedly known as compulsions or has some thoughts repeatedly crossing their minds known as the obsessions.

Separation Anxiety Disorder:

It is a mental disorder in which the person constantly fears losing someone or getting separated from any lived one, they may fear losing their loved ones once they get ill or they die. This fear may lead to crazy and spontaneous behaviors of any patient.

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