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Watch Crossing Swords Streaming Online 

If you’re tired of the lockdown session and looking for something binge-worthy to refresh your soul, then try watching Crossing Swords.
There are many reasons to watch this debauched animation seriously. This is full of raunchy content and that’s the reason to try it for fun.
The series is an adult animated stop motion comedy. It is an American web series which is composed by John Harvatine IV and Tom Root the creators of Robot Chicken.

What Crossing Swords Is All About?

To get you a flavor of what you can expect with this comedy, adult animation web series, I am giving you its plot summary.
Crossing Swords is about a squire (a servant) in a castle, whose name is Patrick, voiceover by Nicholas Hoult.
Patrick found his dream job and continues working in the Kingdom, where he found that the Kingdom is full of corrupt monarchs, crooks, and charlatans.
Patrick decides to remain fearless, and this is the point where his valor made him disreputable among his family and his siblings start opposing him.
The series is full of frontal-nudity, murder, war, and raunchy humor just like the Robot Chicken.

Where Can I Watch Crossing Swords?

You can watch Crossing Swords on Hulu, it’s a Hulu original animation series. If you cannot access Hulu then you can’t watch that. Moreover, you also need a USA IP address to watch your favorite Crossing Swords series. If you don’t belong to the USA, then It will be blocked in your region.

How to Watch Crossing Swords?

It cannot be accessed outside the USA. However, you can use a VPN to watch and access Hulu’s original series. Only This tool can provide you the USA IP address through which you can easily watch Crossing Swords outside the USA or from anywhere in the world.
Here’s how to watch Crossing Swords using a VPN
Below I am outlining a quick overview on how you can watch Crossing Swords by

  • connecting to a VPN:
  • Subscribe to your preferred VPN service
  • Install VPN app on your device
  • Choose the USA as your server location
  • Launch Hulu
  • Find and watch Crossing Swords.
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How a VPN unblocks Crossing Swords?

Since, Crossing Swords is a region-restricted web series, therefore; you cannot watch it outside the USA. It means Crossing Swords has copyrights and licensing agreements to be shown in the USA only.
Viewers outside the USA will find an error saying that this content is unavailable in your region. However, a VPN will enable you to select the USA as your server location.
It will automatically change your virtual IP address into the USA, and you will appear as a viewer accessing this series from the USA.
In this way, the content automatically gets unblocked and you can easily watch and enjoy this awesome animated series.
Keep in mind that Hulu is America’s biggest subscription video-on-demand service. The streaming site has already deployed smart anti-VPN technology and VPN blocks.
It means an ordinary VPN cannot access Hulu. You have to pick the industry’s best VPNs to unblock Hulu to watch this.

Which VPNs can access Crossing Swords?

Like I mentioned above not every VPN can access Hulu. You have to select a trusted VPN service with a great number of servers, IP addresses, and stable and fast connection speed.
Also, your VPN provider must be able to offer great security features like zero logs policy, 256-bit encryption, unlimited server switching, and unlimited bandwidth.
If your selected VPN service is offering all the listed features then you can believe that it will easily let you stream that series.
Also, keep in mind that a VPN can also unblock other services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and many others.
You just need to choose a server location that you want to access. For example, if you’re living in the UK, and want to watch French news then you must choose French VPN as your server location.
Once your VPN gets connected to its French server, then you can access all French websites, news, and entertainment.

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What If I can’t access Crossing Swords with a VPN?

If you have connected to a USA VPN server and still you’re unable to stream Crossing Swords then you can take the following actions:

  • Disconnect your VPN, and connect to some other USA server
  • Restart your device after clearing cookies and cache
  • Talk to your VPN support team.


Hulu uses strong geo-blocks and anti-VPN techniques. A trusted, high-quality VPN is the only solution to unblock Hulu for watching Crossing Swords and other series. You can also stream Netflix and other streaming services with a VPN.
Only a reputable VPN service with high or mediocre server range, good connection speed, strong encryption, and unlimited server switching can unblock streaming sites like Hulu.
I hope that you’ve found this article helpful and now you can access Hulu from anywhere by connecting to a VPN.

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