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Top 5 All-in-one CRMs With Awesome Marketing Automation Features

Top 5 all-in-one CRMs

A business cannot run successfully without customers. The better your customer relationships are, the more your company value increases. Different corporate companies using various strategies to manage their customer relations. CRM is one of the finest and most popular techniques used to manage customers’ data, information, and sales record. CRM also helps companies to reach out to their customers easily. Companies using top quality dynamics CRM easily connect to their customers using several means of contact at a single platform such as phone calls, live chats, and emails. Below, we have listed some of the best all-in-one CRMs that can take your company to new heights of prosperity.


HubSpot is one of the best CRMs currently used by the most renowned companies. CRM offers a wide array of options to integrate customer data and customer support. Both small-sized new businesses and larger companies are using this CRM to manage their sales record, marketing strategies of handling customers, and data entry. Another important feature of this CRM is that allows you to set up new customer support strategies, creating content, and scheduling email or newsletter campaigns. With this platform, you can coordinate with your customers more effectively.

Capsule CRM

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use, and organized CRM to boost your customer relations, capsule CRM is the one for your company. Keeping track of your customers without a hassle was never so easy. With the contact page of this CRM, you get complete information of every customer in a separate panel. All information gets recorded so that every task is managed error-free. This feature reduces confusion and balances the representatives’ dealing with the customers. Unlike HubSpot, this CRM is not free. However, the plans are quite reasonable in price. The CRM is also compatible with third-party applications such as Mail Chimp and G suite.

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VTiger is a CRM that will not only manage your customer relations, but also help you in project management, appointments, and inventory. You can easily keep a check on the sales analytics and streamline all your contacts for easy accessibility. It also provides you with instant alerts about when a customer is active or offline. You get options to send screen-chat, live call, or email for the promotion of your services and products.


The hatchBack is CRM tool known for its versatility. Many companies are currently using this tool for managing their email marketing, sales automation, customer records, and other data entry records. These are some of the many features that make this tool surpass others. It records all the activities in real-time and gives you an alert as soon as a customer is ready to buy from you. The main features you get with this tool are email campaign management, creating a newsletter template, marketing process mapping, and customized sales.


Work is a single cloud-computing tool that comes with an integrated CRM platform for better customer interaction. All the information about the interaction and the contact is recording online. Keeping an online track record of the customers make it easy to collaborate with them. Major features include emails & newsletters, connecting through social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), and custom data entry.

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