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Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Colorado

The state of Colorado, located in the western United States, is not only a great place to go sightseeing, but it is also perfect for enjoying the coldest time of year. In winter, its impressive landscapes become the scene of multiple activities for the whole family. If you like spending time in the mountains, don’t think twice and pack your bags to head to the Centennial State. So that you don’t miss anything, we bring you a series of suggestions that cannot be missing from your itinerary. Hawaiian Airlines reservations are open 24×7 to book a flight to Colorado with exclusive deals and discounts for everyone!

A Mighty Adventure in Colorado

Colorado is one of the most beautiful spots in the USA. It is located in the North of New Mexico. It consists of two tourist attractions cities, i.e., Denver, its capital, and Aspen, known as a place to rest with glamour touches. However, through the years passing by, Colorado had opened up a deck of options intending to attract more diverse travelers. Let’s see what Colorado has in its kitty for us travelers!

1) Gunnison Black Canyon 

It is a dark and mysterious place with dark, black mountains carved out by the Gunnison River. It is said that the river has carved these mountains since the course of 2 million years. This canyon is packed with adventure and adrenaline rush. Its blackened walls are caused due to lichens that stain the rocks. 

2) Alpine Roller Coaster

If you thought that winter activities in Colorado are limited to snow, then you are highly mistaken. Colorado offers these fantastic roller coasters rides, providing spectacular views throughout the mountains. Consequently, when you get on one of them and start to feel the adrenaline rush, you will also notice the lush mountains and feel the cold, fresh air on your face while inhaling the aromatic vegetation surrounding it. 

In the town of Breckenridge, you can ride the Goldrunner Alpine roller coaster that offers a thrilling ride through the forest. It has a route of 762 meters and allows you to climb both alone or accompanied by a friend or family member.

3) The North Pole of Colorado

An essential stop on this tour is the North Pole of Colorado, an amusement park that will take you to the home of Santa Claus. When you arrive at the entrance, an arch with a sign congratulating Christmas will welcome you. Garlands, Santa socks, and small colored flashlights will make you start to immerse yourself in this unique environment. Once you are inside, there is no question that the snowy trees and Santa’s gorgeous home will make your Christmas spirit shine brighter than ever. 

4) Denver – The Capital

Denver is a magnificent gateway if you decide to visit Colorado to travel it by highway, plane, or train. From the capital city, you can visit Colorado Springs (the second-largest city in the state), famous for its rustic and quiet air, although it has become a sophisticated city. Colorado isn’t just renowned for its beer. There are 20 exquisite wineries in Grand Junction. This wine-growing area has beautiful red rock canyons in its surroundings, which has made it famous and is highly photo-worthy.

Things to Remember

  • Due to the height above sea level, it is recommended that you moderate your physical activity upon arrival. Allow your body to adapt!
  • Drink a lot of water. It is easy to get dehydrated due to the altitude and in the winter season.
  • If you travel in summer, do not forget to bring a light jacket, shorts, and jeans and comfortable clothes for walking.

Colorado is a place to visit with family and friends and enjoy the serene beauty of nature. Travelers can also take a look at the Delta Airlines reservations for better deals and discounts. Remember these exciting places that we have compiled for you and turn your Colorado trip into a journey worth remembering. 

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