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The best linen pants in the town

linen pants

I have been in NYC and Hampton for two weeks. Two planes, four buses and many more boarded later, I was very happy to be back home. It was very tiring to drag it all and although comfort in fashion was never really a priority for me, it was on this journey. This became clear to me when I packed the night before the last leg of my East Coast adventure and chose what to wear back to town on the Hampton luxury liner.

If you’ve never heard of luxury liners and you find traveling to Manhattan a little weird, let me sort things out. This bus has slight upgrades with WiFi and leather seats. Your luxury and mine (and maybe yours) are a little different. At the end of the day, whether luxury or not, buses are usually not the easiest or preferred way to travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have what you’re taking.

My new Italian Linen Pants

As a permanent over-packer, I was looking for something in my suitcase that I really wanted to carry. I have beautiful blue linen paint that I bought in Italy about 100 years ago. It is a shame to say that I have taken them on many trips and they never leave my suitcase. Finally there will be the day of my Italian linen pants. Peace, Greeting! Combined with the long gray, almost Tony-length cotton tank, I found the perfect travel outfit. Almost luxurious …

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At least for the Hampton luxury liner standards (as opposed to the red carpet, hotel pool or slow brunch standards) it really felt together. I could live in linen pants.

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Just for your information, a quick Google search revealed that I’m not the first person to think that way. I’m sure (no pin intended). Hey beautiful thing first came to mind in 2020. When you’re reading and viewing my favorite linen paint (and maybe even one or two, just click on the images to see their website).

JOIE KATHRINE Lingerie with wine

What could summer sweat pants say better than a white dress and a cord? And as a bonus, they can be machine washed.

James Paris Slim Cotton Linen Pant

Made from James Purse’s cotton fabric, these pants are comfortable with a sporty hemline. Wear them with shoes, flip flops or high heels.

Lily Polymeric Beach Pants

I’m a total lily lover for life! Your clothes are fun, bright and don’t take yourself too seriously. You can wear these linen pants with a swimming suit on the beach or with a white cotton tank for barbeque. Or maybe something dark if it’s related to eating dirty sauce. (With that in mind, I think I have to write an article about BBQ Chich without the stains …)

James Paris – Linen Cape Trousers

If a wide leg is not your style, but you want someone slim and comfortable, these are James Purse Pants. This material is even treated with a special fabric softener to make it feel particularly soft and live like your favorite training pants.

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Face navy linen pants

Whether you wear them on the runway or in a restaurant, this aspect paint is very stylish. I also like the fact that they are navy, which is a great alternative if you already have a lot of black in your closet.


All linen plant trousers

Alan Allen’s shorts are both brave and beautiful. Wear it with a striped shirt for a nautical look.

BLVD Wide League Pant

These wide, high-waist BLVD pants are very unique and almost like a skirt. Be prepared to thank everyone for the compliments you receive.

Once Stretch-Lennon Cargo Pants

These Vince Stretch Linen paints are simple and easy to style. A thick piece of clothing that you can wear from late summer to fall.

All lane long pant

If this list includes a pair of pants that check out the stylish, versatile, practical, comfortable box, then these Alan Pants pants are just a ticket. Classic, you can wear them season after season.

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