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Persons on Instagram express their feeling by posting a story. If you like or love someone’s story and want to have that then don’t worry you can have it, for this you have to download some apps or you can go to some websites. If you are an android user then surely you have the play store in your device so simply go to play store and download any one story saver application, and if you are an IOS user then go to Apple store and download any one app. After downloading and installing log in there and download your favorite stories easily.

If you are facing difficulty in this procedure, then there is also another way that is different websites that provide you an option to download a story. It is also useful if you or on pc or laptop then you can easily access the website rather than application.

Here are some websites that you can use for downloading Instagram stories.


Gramvio is a website that provides you an opportunity to download an Instagram story whether it is a picture or video and you can download a profile picture of anyone. You can also do all this anonymously. Through this website, you can also watch the Instagram story and profile picture who has blocked you.

You can follow simple steps to start downloading and these steps are given below

  1. Firstly, open the Instagram app and copy the username whose picture or story you want to download.
  2. Secondly, open the gramvio.com in your browser and paste the username in the search box and click on search.
  • User account will be in front of you that you have searched then simply click the profile picture or story that you want to download, and from drop-down options click on the download button.
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So through this process, you can easily download your picture or video in original format without any cost.


It is another website that you can use to download your favorite Instagram story or profile picture. Aloinstagram “story saver tool is really powerful and secure so you can try it without any cost. You can follow these steps to download the Instagram story

  1. Open the Instagram account and go to the account whose picture you like and want to download.
  2. Copy the username or copy the profile URL by going to the menu.
  • Paste username or URL in the search box on the main page and click on search
  1. Then click on your favorite Instagram story and then download it in the same quality as it was on Instagram

So you can download your favorite story in the shortest time without any cost.


It is another website where you can download Instagram story/stories that you like. You can download both pictures or videos here. It has a simple process that you can follow to download your favorite story/stories.

Initially open the Instagram account and then go to the account from where you want to download the story and copy that name.

Paste that copied name in the search box and click on search, the desired account will be in front of you and then go to the story that you want to download and click on download. So here is the downloaded story in your device.

So these are some websites that you can use to download your favorite Instagram story without any cost.

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