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Modern custom retail packaging and customer expectations

Custom retail packaging keeps evolving according to the changing patterns in customer preferences. Today, product packaging matters more than it ever did. Customers are bombarded with different types of products and their alternatives, which are advertised in creative ways. It is very easy for them to change their preferred brand if they like any attribute in it. It is where product packaging comes in. If a brand offers beneficial custom retail packaging to its customers and meets their high packaging demand criterion, they will switch to this brand. Instead of using the already tried and tested ways that all brands are using to market their products, try to use innovative packaging to win over your customers this time. 

Let us discover some attributes in packaging that the customers demand from their favorite brands and companies.  

Customers prefer custom retail packaging that is eco-friendly 

Customers of the current era are increasingly becoming aware of the looming threat of pollution. They are ready to switch to green alternatives and demand the same from their favorite brands and companies in terms of packaging. They do not want to feel burdened by irresponsible packaging decisions that they might take, which involves using plastic or other harmful material to package the products. An increasing number of shoppers is becoming averse to one-time-use packaging. The answer to winning their hearts and expanding your customer base to include green consumers lies in custom retail boxes. These boxes can be manufactured from biodegradable stocks. These stocks are extremely durable and print-friendly. The latest printing techniques are used on these boxes to transform them into custom retail packaging boxes, which your customers will love. 

Customers prefer custom retail boxes that eliminate waste  

Consumers understand that retail packaging makes up a significant portion of litter that finds its way to the seas and threatens marine life. It also clogs the waterbodies making, water a scarcity and posing a risk for crops. They want retail brands and companies to come up with options in packaging, which reduce waste and litter. Customers of today love options in cardboard-based packaging that can be recycled. The first step to reducing waste is identifying the extra material being used in design layouts as extra flaps, extra inches wasted in dye-cutting, and so on. Smart and efficient steps should be taken to minimize the use of material. It includes measuring the items to be packaged to manufacture custom retail boxes according to their size.   

Customers prefer custom printed retail packaging with product information 

Today’s customers like to remain updated about the latest information regarding the products they use. They completely understand that packaging is not only for the beautification of products, but it is also responsible for communicating relevant product information. The customers expect their favorite brands to print; warnings, instructions, product ingredients, expiry date, industry-specific information, etc. on the custom printed retail packaging, which is readable and easy to understand. Moreover, custom retail packaging boxes also carry vital customer care information along with corporate websites, social media handles and contact details. 

Customers prefer custom retail packaging that is attractive  

Despite formulating a grocery list, there is a significant number of customers that deviate from it. They buy a product if its packaging fascinates them. Some emerging trends in the designs of custom retail packaging include the use of a single color. Companies and brands are now designing solid color retail boxes. They introduce the same color gradient to print on these boxes to increase their appeals. Other popular brands and companies use their custom retail packaging boxes as a storyboard. They select a quirky character for their brand that is associated with the target audience and educate and promote target audiences about their product through it.  

We strongly advise all companies searching for custom retail packaging to order their custom boxes from the expert packaging companies like ClipnBox to enjoy their countless benefits and forward them to their customers as well.


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