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Home Health Complete Guide for The Lumbar Treatment in India!

Complete Guide for The Lumbar Treatment in India!


Compressed nerves in the lower region of the spine, is referred to as the spinal compression. The relief for this condition can be availed through spinal decompression, which may be a surgical or a non-surgical process.

The doctors proceed with Lumbar Treatment in India after the complete body analysis. The diagnosis procedure involves:

  • Comprehensive physical tests of the body, to check the eligibility and feasibility for the +treatment
  • MRI, X-Ray, and other tests to check the severity of nerve compression, and also the area under its effect
  • Computed Tomography to detect the spinal column damage.

Once all the necessary tests are done, the team of medical professionals analyse the condition reports and decide on the treatment procedure.

There is not just one, but various procedures to cure the compression of the spinal nerves and provide necessary relief in the pain and discomfort.

The most common procedures followed by the surgeons in India to cure the spinal compression issues include:

  • Laminectomy:

In this process, the doctors remove a section of the bone from the compressed part of the spine. It provides considerable relief to the patients after the surgery. However, the patient has to be very careful until the recovery and follow the instructions of the surgeon.

  • Discectomy:

This process is followed when the problem in the spine is due to the damage in the disc. The surgeons remove the damaged disc from the spine to relieve the pressure from the nerves.

  • Spinal Fusion:

Spinal fusion is the process that is used collectively with the laminectomy, and the discectomy to join one or more vertebrae together. Laminectomy and discectomy may considerably affect the spine, in case a considerable portion of the spinal disc is removed. So, to provide the necessary support, the doctors use the spinal fusion along with the discectomy and laminectomy.

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Cost of Lumbar Treatment in India:

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The Lumbar Treatment Cost in India depends on the procedure followed for the healing. The price for treatment is undoubtedly less for non-surgical treatment. It can be a bit high for the single surgical procedure used for healing like laminectomy or discectomy. If the surgical procedure is combined with spinal fusion. then the cost of the overall treatment increases.

However, the price is very economical in India, irrespective of the treatment procedure. The overall costing of the treatment ranges between USD 3,500 to 6,000. You can consider this cost to be one-third of the price of treatment in any of the foreign countries delivering the successful healing for the spinal compression.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

 Final Words:

In conclusion If you have been suffering the pain and discomfort in the back due to heavy pressure on the spinal nerves. Now it is time to say good-bye. Plan your medical treatment in India to avail all the desired benefits. In case you suffer any difficulty in making the arrangements. Then you can seek help from the top medical tourism companies in the country. They will help you to get the appointment with your choice of the surgeon at the earliest.

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