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Lost With GPS? Don’t worry Google Maps VPS will be here soon!

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Global Positioning System (GPS). 1

In the Augmented Reality era, is GPS enough?.

Google Map Visual Positioning System – What’s new?.

Benefits from five exciting features of the new Google Map Visual Positioning System.

Have you ever got lost while following google map navigation? I bet once in your life you must be lost because of google map. Usually, google map navigation makes people confused about which way to go, either to take left or right. This can be frustrating especially when you are in a hurry to reach somewhere. But you know what? You can now relax, as navigation will get better with the Google Map Visual Positioning System (VPS).

Google Maps Visual Positioning System (VPS) will help you to easily reach your desired destination without any hassle. With the help of your mobile phone’s camera google map, Visual Positioning System (VPS) will detect your location and then will show you the best possible routes to reach your destination. The navigation will be done better and you will not get lost as google map VPS will show fledged-up 3D paths such as colored arrows and accurate details for example “your destination is 1 km away.”

Before we discuss the details of what google map VPS is and how it will work, let’s just get a detailed understanding of what google maps are and for what purpose they are used.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The Global positioning system (GPS), which was developed by the United States especially for troops and armored vehicles, is now openly available to every individual who has a Global positioning system (GPS) receiver. Global positioning system (GPS) is a satellite navigation system that shows times and positions for any climate, everywhere in or around the planet, where a direct view of four and sometimes more GPS satellites are available.

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Shipping firms, courier firms, and airline services take advantage of this technology to go from one place to another. With the help of GPS, they easily follow and find the best routes to reach their desired destinations. Today, to reach a specific destination many individuals depend on the global positioning system (GPS).

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As per research by copywriting services online, Global positioning system (GPS) technology with many applications has changed the way of our living and the way we used to communicate with others.

In the Augmented Reality era, is GPS enough?

With the help of GPS, we can use many of the apps easily, it covers all whether you want to book an Uber or you want to order your meal from Yelp or whether you want to show your friends where you are on Snapchat through location filters. In the digital era, this technology was a game-changer, driving several applications and the app itself into mass adaptive solutions.

However, these features of the Global positioning system (GPS) are not enough in the era where there are technologies like Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is bringing value to the reality. In order to do that, our mobile phones and other devices must understand this world. The authenticity and effectiveness of an augmented reality experience can break by just being some meters away.

Just how a person looks to situate himself, similarly in the future many apps will use the device’s camera to correctly analyze and position the area. This can be only possible with the Visual Positioning System (VPS).

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Google Map Visual Positioning System – What’s new?

In the future Augmented Reality will combine the existing google map interface with a live camera display. While a person in navigating overlaid arrows are displayed at every stop, making it easy to follow the directions instead of getting confused. Google Maps is planning to introduce fictional characters, for instance, a little fox that will eradicate all questions and will make the navigation more interesting and amusing. With the help of Augmented Reality, google will develop other features of the app as well, for instance when you will be looking at a shopfront a card with information will popup.

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To provide users with a better sense of position that was only possible with GPS, VPS will combine a live camera perspective with data trove from google. In highly populated urban areas where GPS often gets stuck in by skyscraper, this technology might be very helpful.

In order to use this VPS feature, a person only needs to press a button to open the visual and to see the information you only have to point your lens towards your destination. If you move your mobile phone’s camera around this feature will instantly show you nearby cafes, restaurants, shops and whatnot.

The app will show you the nearby areas with an overlay of information for nearby shops and arrows will indicate your desired destination. In the lower part, there will be a tiny map that reminds you of where you are going. This is an amazing addition to Street view and google maps. Well everyone knows that Visual positing system definitely going to be the next big technology advancements. Through Visual positing system navigation will be conveniently done to new areas. Google has not declared yet when this feature will be included in google maps.

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Benefits from five exciting features of the new Google Map Visual Positioning System

  • Visual positioning system (VPS) is an important part of the google maps navigation functionality in the camera application. With the help of this feature, the names of the area near you and the path to your desired destination can be seen conveniently.
  • If a person is browsing for a coffee shop or other cafes, then the FOR YOU feature will helps in collecting social media feed and getting publicly popular results.
  • There are several features in the Explore tab that will guide you through the Artificial Intelligence interface. For instance, if you are in search of foods option then the list will provide you the best food options, the top selection of the week can be seen in the trending list and the event list will guide you about the latest happenings.
  • This will help you to easily decide what is best for you. For instance, if a person will choose shoe store preferences, this map instantly compare that shoe store you choose with the public choices, this makes it easy for you to choose the best.
  • Enable your location so for the notification feature to work in google maps, this newly developed feature notifies you when it’s time to leave any place.
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