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How to Clean Shower Tiles without Bleach

Whenever the question of cleaning tiles at home arises the first readily available option is that of using bleach. Bleach, like many other substances, also comes in different types. The most commonly utilized type of bleach is oxygen bleach and chlorine bleach.

Oxygen bleach is not chemical in its composition and is therefore safe to use on tiles. It is also odourless and does not leave a pungent smell behind after application.

On the other hand, chlorine bleach has a strong percentage of chlorine and it is recommended to not use it very frequently on tiles as it can result in tile discolouration. This type of bleach also leaves an odour on tile surfaces where it is applied. However, it is most suitable when one wishes to eradicate mould and mildew formation in tiles. 

With regard to shower tile cleaning, using bleach as a cleaning agent is a popular trend because showers are the ideal places for fungal and mould formations to take place. Moreover, they are also the only areas in a structure where tiles stain and deteriorate more rapidly as compared to other places. 

Disadvantages of Using Bleach

Notwithstanding the advantages and useful application of bleach; there are a number of drawbacks of applying bleach on tiles which become evident only with the passage of time. These include

  • Eventual discolouration
  • The rapid deterioration of sealer from tiles.
  • Tile cracking and grout deterioration.
  • Chlorine bleach can react adversely with certain surfaces.
  • Making chlorine bleach solutions requires proper administration because chlorine reacts with products containing ammonia or acid.
  • Can cause irritation in eyes, lungs and harm the skin and aggravate allergies. 

Alternate Methods to Clean Tiles

We know we have burst your bubble of bleach advantages in tile cleaning by mentioning its drawbacks, but it’s not all downhill! There are a number of inexpensive and readily available ways in which tiles can be cleaned without resorting to the use of bleach and we will enumerate them for you.


  • Vinegar is used in combination with warm water. It has proven to be as effective a tile grout cleaner as bleach because it possesses the same disinfecting and cleaning properties but is way less harmful. Spraying a liberal amount of vinegar solution on the affected tile and grout followed by extensive scrubbing is an effective way to clean grout. Salt is also utilized in combination with vinegar solutions to yield more satisfying results.
  1. Lemon
  • way to clean grout and tiles is with lemon. Lemon juice, due to its slightly acidic nature, is an easily available and inexpensive tile grout cleaner. It is sprayed directly on the targeted tiles and washed off with a damp sponge. This method is useful in shower tile cleaning.
  1. Baking Soda
  • soda is another alternative to bleach and popularly used in shower tile cleaning. Making a paste of baking soda with water makes a popularly used tile grout cleaner. This cleaning agent is then applied on tiles and grout and scrubbed off. After scrubbing, clean and spotless tiles emerge from below the layer of filth.
  1. Steam Cleaning
  • that become permanent over time can sometimes not be treated with regular cleaning methods. For their removal, steam cleaning can opt. 
  1. Cleaning Agents Manufactured Industrially
  • you are not entirely comfortable with manufacturing tile grout cleaner domestically, the option of industrially manufactured cleaning agents still stands. The choice of cleaning agents, however, has to be made wisely given that not all types of products are suitable to all tile types.

Tips for shower tile cleaning without using bleach are numerous; however, it is important to keep up with the daily maintenance of shower tiles in order to avoid taking drastic measures in the long run. This includes regular cleaning, treating stains as soon as they appear, regularly checking hidden regions for mould formation, mopping up after taking showers, and maintaining a well-ventilated system within bathrooms.

Calling Professionals!

Last but not the least, seeking professional help in shower tile and grout cleaning is the way to go!

 Keeping in consideration the fast-paced lifestyle that individuals have these days, it is common that people cannot find time to look for ways to clean grout and tile and then implement those ways as well. Just because you cannot overlook your daily affairs to invest in cleaning tiles and grout does not mean you don’t feel the burden of the responsibility of doing so. This is exactly why GroutExpert offers shower tile cleaning services!

At GroutExpert, our customers are our first priority, and we do everything in our power to facilitate them. Our team of professionals not only has the best tile grout cleaners, but it is also aware of every way to clean grout and tiles. Therefore, when the need arises, don’t burden yourself with the task of managing daily chores with extensive shower tile cleaning; instead, contact GroutExpert and we will be at your service in no time!

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