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Home Health Title – How to attain the balance of mental and physical health?

Title – How to attain the balance of mental and physical health?

Health is wealth and this wealth is incomplete if you do not take care of the two important aspects. Yes, mental as well as physical health. Both work in coordination. You cannot be completely happy without being at peace mentally. Similarly, maybe you are at peace but a physical weakness is taking your attention making you feel dull.

To lead an actually happy life, the perfect balance of both is necessary. But, are we really paying heed to both equally? Maybe YES, Maybe NO.

The chaotic world out there is designed to throw countless challenges on your personal, professional and financial life. To fight with them all, it is necessary to ensure that your mind and body are performing well.

Here are the few tips and suggestions to help you achieve a better level of overall health.

Mental Health

Our mind controls everything in our body. Only after it sends the message to the varied parts of your body, the action takes place. It is unavoidably important to have good mental health.

Few changes in your daily life can bring the gift of good mental health.

Change the way you work

The long working hours need to be broken at regular intervals. Straining your nerves for a long time is not good. You need to develop certain habits that are necessary to give a bit rest to your mind.

Take 10 minutes break after every hour. Oh, you are too busy? Then maybe 7 minutes but make sure you practice it sincerely.

Keep your favourite colour in front of your eyes. Humans love colours, their mind responds positively when they see a shade of choice.

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The ‘0-thoughts’ meditation therapy – An escape from overthinking

Thinking and then overthinking is like a daily ritual for us. We think about so many things and then keep extending it with many other thoughts.

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The ‘0-thoughts’ therapy takes you to a stage where your mind is completely empty. No thoughts, no ideas, no emotions, no biases. No means No.

This is what you need to do –

  • Every day take out some time and sit in a quiet place.
  • Sit straight, close your eyes, release all the thoughts and bring your mind to a stage where you are not thinking about ANYTHING. Job, relations, targets, money, bad and good things. NOTHING.
  • Free yourself from all emotions for a while.
  • Try to stay in the same situation for as long as you can.

When you do this, your mental stress releases at a fast pace and suddenly you feel extremely relaxed.

Physical health

Now comes the turn of your body that performs every single action that is necessary to exist in the materialistic world.  

Make exercise your daily ritual 

Just as you cannot get up from the bed suddenly until you stretch your body several times, something more needs before the day starts. Your build needs a warm-up before you go ahead for a busy routine. If time is the constraint and you are a busy person then maybe a few minutes.

Just 10 minutes every day, for any easy and simple exercise and you can get rid of the sick feeling, common in the morning. This is a simple thing to do and you know that but despite the realisation of this fact, you do not do this.

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It is not necessary to do big things in the name of health. If you are doing the small efforts, they are sufficient.

Homemade food is better than the yummiest dish of a restaurant

Nowadays, eating out has become a vital part of the lifestyle. People do not wait for weekend parties to eat in a restaurant, they do that every day. While returning from the office or shopping, it has become a daily routine.

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Whatever is your reason for going to restaurants and bars, eating home-cooked food is always a better option. Those who do not understand this, pay the price through some sort of physical illness. No matter how healthy is the food that you eat outside, but one day it starts showing the effect on your body.

Many people nowadays are adopting organic food. It can be a bit expensive but much less in price than what the fast-food takes from your wallet and health.


Last suggestion is about a factor that does not relate to the health directly but it certainly leaves a prominent impact. Keep your financial life balanced. Across the globe, people are facing the issues of anxiety, heart problems etc. due to their poor financial conditions.

Every year many people apply for the very bad credit loans offered by the direct lenders in the UK. This shows the level of financial instability that people are experiencing. Derailed money matters have become the reasons for broken relationships and poor mental and physical health.

The better thing is to keep your finances in control and cut the dress according to the cloth. Good health does not need materialistic luxuries but a complete control on life. Isn’t it?

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Description – Learn simple ways to acquire a good mental and physical health. Bring change in some daily routine habits and you can experience a better and healthy YOU.

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