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11 Common Christmas Gift Wrapping Mistakes to Avoid

Nothing is simpler than gift wrapping; you might think to yourself. When you actually start to wrap, you realize you know nothing about this art. That crisp and neat wrapped look is not easy to get. If you have a bunch of gifts to pack for your friends and family this Christmas, there are some gift wrapping mistakes you must avoid.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at these mistakes:

#1: Not Gathering All the Supplies Before Starting

If you are going to jump every 30 seconds to grab the scissors or another roll of tape, you will never be able to concentrate on the gift wrapping process. And you are going to mess up for sure.

It’s like not knowing what you want. Let me give you an instance. I was subscribing to Cox Internet and I wasn’t sure what Internet speed I needed. Although I could choose Cox  Internet plans, but my Internet usage at home was limited to web browsing only. Long story short, it was important to know my own requirements and prepare for everything.

So, before you start working, get everything you need whether it is gift labels, wrapping papers, ribbon tape, and other supplies. If you are out of supplies, grab them from the gift store nearby. Have everything ready before starting gift wrapping to finish in time.

#2: Working Area

So where are you planning to wrap the gifts? It should be on a flat and wide area. Probably a table where you have all other supplies like tape, scissors, and ribbons in reach. You need a wide space for crisper folds.

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#3: Using One Pair of Scissors

One pair of scissors is not enough when you are dealing with foil accents, glittery wrapping papers, ribbons, and other supplies. You must have 2 pairs of scissors – one for the wrapping paper and one for cutting the ribbon. Make sure you don’t mix them up.

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#4: Choosing a Thin Paper

Don’t settle for cheap wrapping papers. Why? Because you won’t get a single present wrapped without tearing the paper.

Thin wrapping papers are a mess. They rip from the corners and you will certainly waste lots of wrapping paper. So no, you are not saving any money. Thin wrapping papers are also see-through. Choose a medium grade wrapping paper. It must have a cardboard paper or metallic finish.

#5: Skipping the Embellishments

If you are skipping embellishment, your gift will look boring. When you are putting so much effort into wrapping the gift, why not get some embellishments as well? A jute ribbon or a bow will do the trick.

#6: Wrapping the Gift Facing Up

Never wrap the box facing up. Always place it upside down. This way, the seaming will take place at the bottom of the package. The top of your package will look professional.

#7: Taping the Paper to the Box

A box is usually part of the gift. If you tape the wrapping paper to the box, this could damage it. It’s best to make the paper fall away.

#8: Using Plastic Bows

Plastic bows never look as good as a real ribbon tied into a knot or a bow. Ideally, you should start with the right material. Pick a fabric ribbon instead. If you are using nice materials and your execution is not that perfect, people will still notice the effort. It also shows that you did your best to wrap the gift.

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#9: Getting Gift Bags

Some of us like to take the easy way out, for instance, getting a gift bag instead of wrapping the gift. There’s no harm in doing that but it would take the creative flair out of the gift. Wrapping the gift up, using patterned washi tape, tying a ribbon knot – things like that make your gift holiday ready. Even if you are getting an easy gift bag, you should put the present in the presentation.

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#10: Don’t Let Fear Take the Best of You

One of the biggest mistakes when wrapping gifts during the holidays is the fear of messing up. If you let fear in, you won’t be able to use your creativity. To get everything right, experiment with different types of wrapping materials. Look for out-of-the-box embellishments that will align with the gift that’s inside. Little efforts like these can lighten up someone’s mood.

#11: Using Too Much Paper

The wrapping paper must only cover the item that is being wrapped. If there is an excess at the end, trim it. There should be just enough paper at the edge of the box. Otherwise, the gift will have bulges at the ends because of extra paper. Measure the height of the box and then determine how much paper would need on either end.

When you follow all these tips, gift wrapping will become fun and exciting just like the entertaining Cox TV packages. Your loved ones will be pleased by your effort as well.

Seema Gupta is a well-known financial and tech advisor with the abilities to keep a track and predict the market trends with the utmost accuracy. Her extensive knowledge in finance and tech is remarkable as she has worked on different financial and sectors dealing with the entire range of loans. She is also an expert in writing many finances and tech-related articles and blogs, so she is a renowned finance blogger too.
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