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GCSE and A-level exams cancelled in England for 2021

The pandemic has been changing so much around the world. The education system and the offices are lacking because of the lockdown delays in every city of every country. Only shops open for a couple of hours. Cambridge international examinations are also having delays in their assessments in May/June and October/November. After a long time of discussions and confusion, the A-level AND GCSE examinations in England are no longer happening.

The announcement of cancellation took place this week. With this announcement, Northern Ireland also chose to cancel the exams on Wednesday. The decision was an important step to take because safety will always come first. Risking the lives of the students was never a choice. The government took months to decide about the cancellation. The decision was not the same for every student. Most students were not happy with the cancellation as they were having concerns about their year that they think will go to waste and they will lack behind. The students sitting for the A-level and GCSE in 2021 have to stay ready for the change. The examinations that were going to happen in May and June will not occur this year as the government is putting England on the third lockdown because of the pandemic. From the 4th of January till the 15th of February 2021. The schools and colleges will not reopen and remain shut. The non-essential business industries

There is a new strain of coronavirus in England, and it is transmitting easily more than its antecedent. The Prime minister, Boris Johnson, confirms that the virus can quickly spread if schools reopen again, and students can get sick if they join school and colleges. So the schools and colleges will remain close to the safety of the students. The minister states that it will not be fair if, during this dangerous pandemic, the exams still take place to look for alternative arrangements.

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The alternative to the A-level and GCSE examinations in 2021

The teachers and school leaders ask for the examination’s cancellation for a long time as the virus cases increase in England. Birmingham’s case rates are of the children of five to nine years old, and it is doubling up since December. The decision to cancel the examination is a relief for most of the quarters as reopening was a mistake, leading to more every day.

The schools are waiting for the alternative system of examination. Some teachers prefer a method that involves grading students according to their performance of the assignments and assessments. So, if you have pending assignments, take instant help from cheap essay writing UK and let the experts assist you in writing your assignments on time with high-quality.

The former education secretary, Lord Kenneth Baker, tells The Sunday Times that the teachers are adequate than the algorithms, and they are the people who can quickly assess the acquirements of their students in these exceptional times. As exams are not taking place in England for- level, and GCSE, England is deciding to join Scotland and Wales, where the government chooses to replace the examination with an entire grade system.

The grading system of A-level and GCSE this year

The education secretary Gavin William confirms that A-levels and GCSE teachers predict grades and decide to use it to estimate grades to the students this year. He is telling the MPs he will have to trust the teachers rather than relying upon the algorithms. He refers to the fiasco last summer that was leading to protests. At first, the teachers were grading the students with average versions that mean that grades were according to the teacher’s prediction. But some students confirm that their grades very demote in various proportions.

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Fair or unfair process for grading the students

Williams states the Commons that they will do training and support the teachers in prediction grading. They will ensure that every grading will be fair and consistent for the students this year. He adds up the descriptions about how the teachers will decide the results will calibrate in discussion with the exam boards and teaching representative establishment Ofqual.

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In the last month, the education secretary provides a firm guarantee that England’s exams will occur this year and no cancellation will occur. But according to the shadow education secretary, Kate Green, it was not an original announcement as they were uncertain about this decision. It was disappointing that Mr. Williams did not have the New Year resolution to restrain the u-turns that can occur. Everyone was disappointed that no one had a plan b in case such a problem arises because of the pandemic. Now they have to think of an alternative after canceling the examinations.

Disappointments of students because of cancellation

The students are working hard for the examinations this year. They are facing a lot of issues as the cancellation taking place. Students had big plans and hopes with this year’s assessments, and now they are stuck in a load of confusion. Some think that it is good to cancel the exams as their safety is the priority. The students agreeing with the cancellation believe that they will have more time to prepare for what they could not prepare.

Apart from the students, parents also have different opinions and thoughts on the cancellation of examinations and the cancellation alternative. Some parents are happy as they had a lot of concern about their children going to the exams when such a dangerous pandemic. Some parents were not having 100% content with the decision. They think that students can take the exams with the safety precautions and get through with the exams’ burden this year. According to the parents who disagree with the decision, their children were working pretty hard for their exams, and they will have issues if the exams delay further. It is hard for them to prepare for a long time till the examinations take place in England again.

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As we all know, this coronavirus is not a common disease and can spread no matter how many precautions we take. The decision to cancel papers is the best as nothing can be more important than your health.

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