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Fleet Management App: 3 major functionalities that can help in improving your business operations

Ever since logistics and specialized transport services evolved as a separate business unit, there has always been a need for fleet management. There might be a few curious-yet-uninitiated minds that might equate fleet management to general transport management. Only those who are into the field are bound to know that the two aren’t the same.

There were well-pronounced discrepancies between transport management and fleet management even when giants like Uber ventured into the latter. The Uber for fleet management services failed to replicate the success of its cab services. It was quite evident from Uber’s failure that fleet management has its own set of requirements in addition to just the location and the vehicle’s characteristics.

What Makes Fleet Management Special?

Fleet management requires the administrator to have complete control over multiple activities like driver management, vehicle tracking, scheduling of maintenance, optimization of operating costs, and registration and allocation of requests.

The introduction of applications for almost every business activity has presented itself as a bliss to the process of fleet management. Now, fleet managers could monitor all the vital stats from their mobile devices. The apps went a mile further and even notified administrators about anomalies that could be numerically sensed.

Building a fleet management app is no mean feat. There are apps like ClearPathGPS and Fleetio that have elevated the magnitude of ease in managing a fleet. If you would like to create your fleet management app, you can choose to build your app from scratch.

Alternatively, you can also use the clones of Uber and modify the Uber clone script to ensure that it complies with your requirements in fleet management.

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Whatever be the way you choose, there are a few important or rather critical features to be taken into consideration when you create your customized fleet management app.

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Focus on Fuel

Fuel might be the least of concerns for any other mode of transportation. However, considering the low fuel economy of trucks and the massive distances that they cover, it is important to have a tab on the fuel consumption and efficiency.

There might be instances when drivers take a diversion from the standard route, which leads to unwarranted fuel wastage. Keeping an automated tab on the fuel consumption helps you manage your drivers better. It can even help evolve a pattern for driver-utilization.

Considering the latest technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), you can even have the fuel gauge of your truck connected, giving you real-time updates on the fuel consumption pattern, routes of high fuel consumption, and can even help create stunning visual data.

Route Optimization

The GPS technology is no longer confined to the military and the cockpits of commercial aircraft. Every smartphone is now GPS-enabled. Combine it with mapping services like Google Maps and Apple Maps and the navigation-engines offered by Google and Apple. What we see is the possibility to figure out the route between Point A and Point B… anywhere on the planet.

What makes the navigation services better than human knowledge is that the mapping services also have info about traffic in real-time. It is quite possible that even the easiest route could have some traffic clogging, which might not be known to the driver. However, the route optimization services can surely help in this regard.

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This real-time information helps save considerably on fuel and time.

Real-Time Monitoring

Tracking vehicles as and when they move can be a great asset for the fleet manager. It helps the fleet manager make realistic business-commitments to clients. Real-time tracking of vehicles also keeps the business informed about any inappropriate usage of vehicles, violation of speed-limits, and risky driving. It also goes to the extent of tracking stolen vehicles.

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Creation of an app for fleet management

Although from a real-world perspective fleet management and transportation management might have drastic differences, they are not so different when it comes to the creation of applications. Therefore, it is quite possible that and Uber clone can be used as a skeleton for creating an app for fleet management.

With the availability of a lot of white label clones of Uber, the creation of a fleet management app might not be a hassle. A few elements of customization here and there will ensure that an app like Uber or at least the administrative side of the app incorporates all the features that are required for effective fleet management.

All you need to do is get in touch with companies that specialize in the creation and customization of the white label over clones and let them know of your requirements. They will take care to customize the app according to your business needs and deliver it in the shortest possible time. Time is of crucial importance when it comes to this world of cutthroat business competition, and clones are bound to save a lot in terms of birth time and money.

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If on-demand transportation is arithmetic, then fleet management is calculus. It is not only relatively complicated, but it calls for a deeper understanding of a few parameters that might not even be applicable when it comes to simple on-demand transport. Launching a fleet management app brings in a lot of passive benefits as well. It has the power to enhance customer and driver-satisfaction.

By combining business-intelligence and telematics, it is possible to create a stunning and robust fleet management app. The app is bound to be a worthwhile investment.

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