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Are Rental Cars Safe at the time of Coronavirus?

Imagine if you could travel in a private room, with your mask(s) and Sanitizers, how does it sound? Car Rental companies are doing something similar for you from the moment you hire to the moment you leave the car. Cleaning from the inside and out, and sanitizing it. Just the level of care and consideration needed for the travelers in tough times.


These moveable private rooms are looked after under the lens of hygiene and efforts which are solely focused on minimizing the danger of exposure to the Coronavirus.

Are Rental Cars a Safe way to travel at the time of Coronavirus?

Rental companies have stepped up to create a safe environment for the visitors by fulfilling the basic criteria first of all which include protective screens, sanitizers, social distancing reminders, and cleaning. By providing thee facilities, they have covered the basic standard which is followed across all the public interaction platforms to ensure minimum safety.

To step up and raise this standard even further, Rental Companies are committing themselves to follow up the basic rules and regulations put forth by the World Health Organization to keep their decisions and customer policies in check and in alignment with the latest research to maximize their efforts to maintain Corona-free interactions and environment.

So, are rental cars a safe way to travel at the time of coronavirus? The answer is yes, it is safe to hire a rental car in tough times of coronavirus. You just need to make sure that you follow the rules yourself correctly and also, ask to take it a step further by giving them a proven way to maximize safety that you know. Learning from each other and co-operation in these tough times can hopefully become one of the factors that once again, like before we can come close without fear and worry.

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How to know that my car is safe?

First of all and primarily, ensure that your car is sanitized and washed from the inside and out. Do everything that you can to ensure that it is sanitized, ask the rental company as well, and see it for yourself too. Utilize all your senses to check out whether the car is really sanitized/ washed or not.

As per the experts, such as Dr. Russo who says that with the car, overall the risk is reasonably low. He adds that even if you touch an area that was contaminated, you should still be protected if you follow the proper hygiene and don’t touch your mouth, face, and nose.

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Make sure that you follow the proper hygiene yourself, ask, and cross-check the safety claims of your rental company, and see for yourself, are able to find or observe such in the car?

Also, keep in mind the safety measures they are taking at their office or booking space, which will make sense to you in comparison with their claims, if they are poorly managing and following the hygiene and safety measures, just enough to show to the law and satisfy the eyes of the customer, you should automatically know that all of their cars will be entertained with the same level of carelessness, so stay attentive as well.

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