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9 Health Tips To Prevent Yourself From Flu And Viral Infections

The virus of flu is spreading coming in contact with droplets from infected persons when they sneeze and wipe away secretion from their nose. During the time of the flu, we should put effort to prevent ourselves from the flu.

We should try to keep our hands away from our mouth, stop rubbing eyes, and frequently wash hands. In this post, we are going to discuss various methods to prevent yourself from the flu:

  1. Consume Vitamin C & E Rich Diet

During flu season, you should increase the consumption of Vitamin C & E as they can strengthen up our immunity. The vitamin E rich food items are sunflower oil, corn oil, almond, peanuts, etc.

To get vitamin C, you should consume citrus fruits, orange juice, green pepper, broccoli, etc. Also, try to reduce the consumption of soda, candy, and excessive sugary products. It is so because high-sugar concentrated products can affect our immune system.

  1. Take Sound Sleep

A night of good sleep is important to strengthen up your immune system. When we sleep, our body moves into recovering mode. Thus, our affected organs start receiving and ultimately make our immunity system strong.

If you are not able to sleep well due to high temperature and high humidity, then turn on air conditioning Sydney. It helps in maintaining the ideal temperature so that you can sleep well the whole night. When you wake up in the morning, you will fresh and good.

  1. Drink Water And Stay Hydrated

You should keep yourself hydrated by drinking a good amount of water. It will reduce the probability of affecting with flu. If you are feeling dehydrated, then you should increase the consumption of water and stay in cool and low humid areas.

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Water keeps your throat moist and prevents you from dry cough. Doctors recommend drinking warm liquid because it prevents the spreading of flu and virus in your upper respiratory system.

  1. Ensure Oscillococcinum Is Available

This is used in various countries. The Oscillococcinum is the best medicine for flu and it helps us to cope up with symptoms of flu. According to various clinical studies, Oscillococcinum is the best medicine for the flu.

In addition to this, the Oscillococcinum doe not make you feel drowsy. This medicine is good for young and old age people.

  1. Start Doing Exercise Regularly

The regular exercise not juts help in maintaining the optimum function of your body, but also strengthen up your immunity system. Also, regular exercise help in promoting sound sleep. According to the study, mild exercise can prevent older people from flu and cold.

During hot & humid weather, you may find it difficult to go outside for regular exercise. You can start it doing at your home by installing ducted air conditioning. It will maintain the right indoor temperature for regular exercise.

  1. Take Rest When You Come Down With Flu

It is recommended that you should listen to your body when you are come down with the flu. You should take rest and avoid spending your energy. Lossing your energy by doing rigorous activities will affect your immunity.

You should take off from school or office so that you can rest and recover soon. Also, you should do a favor to your friend and family by preventing them from unnecessary exposure to the virus.

  1. Consult Your Doctor

When you come down with flu or cold, then you should immediately consult your doctor. If your kid is affected with season flu, then do not give medication that contains aspirin. It is better to consult a doctor before taking any medicine.

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While taking medicine for the flu, you should avoid overdosing. Take only those medications that are prescribed by your doctor. Along with medicines, you should pay attention to a healthy diet to kill the flu virus.

  1. Seek Help If Situation Is Aggravating

If the symptoms of the flu are not recovering even after taking medicines, then you should consult your doctor again. The situation is worse when your fever subsides and then move up again. It is important to seek help from the doctor again because when you are affected by flu, then your body is highly vulnerable to pneumonia.

  1. Breathe Good Quality Air

We think that pollution is just outside of our house. But, our indoor is also highly pollution doe to various substances. If you want to prevent yourself from the flu, then you should keep your house clean and free from dust & dirt.

Invest in air purifiers and ducted air conditioning Sydney. This latest technology air conditioner is comprised of HEPA filters that help in trapping, dust and harmful microbes in the air. This way you can breathe good quality air inside your house and stay away from the flu.

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