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5 Best places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is a charming beachfront city with endless culture, fabled design, along with a world-class dining and drinking scene.


Poble Espanyol is a tiny Spanish village where you can discover various samples of Spanish structure. It assembled for International Exhibition that was held in Barcelona in 1929 on Montjuic mountain. Two architects constructed 116 buildings. A few of the buildings are precise replicas of facilities, along with others represent the architectural kind of unique regions in Spain. Among the most well-known models is the principal entry gate”Puerta San Vicente,” which the first version situate in Avila city.

The village assembled just for the exhibition and after it had been supposed to be a ruin, but it turned most well-known sights in Barcelona, and it had maintained it. The village remains significant in Barcelona; however, it’s not too visible as the primary sights such as”Sagrada Familia” and”Park Guell.” In 1988 it had been remodeled, and there have been additional few buildings. Additionally, there are many artwork displays and several workshops where artisans produce traditional artwork like paintings, glass, musical instruments, ceramics, and other handmade items. Poble Espanyol has additionally pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants where you could relax on a sunny day.


During the 18th century, Felipe V constructed a giant fortress during the Spanish succession to restrain the town whose name was Ciutadella. Hated by the Catalans, it demolished this citadel at the end of the 19th century. Only after the demolishment, it changed the location from a park to the Universal Exhibition of 1888 that happened in Barcelona; the recent Ciutadella Park was first born!

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These days, the Park is a relaxing and leisure location. There’s a lake where you can hire a rowing boat; you may even have a walk at the Park. Looking at the famed giant mammoth or respect the wonderful Cascada made by Josep Fontsère with Gaudi’s assistance and shoot images of its fantastic waterfalls, fountains, and sculptures.


Lilipep is tucked away from the narrow streets of Borne but is well worth the trip due to their exceptional Catalan/German cuisine. Set up with a few of those nationalities, they provide Catalan and German specialties daily, lots of freshly prepared on-site. Without a doubt, however, the reason you ought to go is to get breakfast. They offer you an Italian breakfast of brown bread, sausage, cheese, and a hard-boiled egg, which you cannot beat!

Even though it’s remarkably concealed, Lilipep is only of the very active Calle Princessa in Borne; therefore, it shouldn’t be too tough to discover. It’s available Tuesday to Thursday from10am-10pm, and Friday to Sunday shape 10 am to midnight. Know everything about delta change flight and get cheap flight ticket with vacation packages.

Cerveceria Catalana

Cerveceria Catalana is at the heart of Eixample and can be a fantastic place to go in a set or only a Deux to get tapas. Even though it isn’t smoky and dark with an older guy serving tapas and three tables in the full area, it does not require any authenticity from the meals, and testament is the endless queues. Do not be discouraged; however, you must often battle your way to make your name, and you’ll be seated right away. If not, you could always choose a fast drink and return when they have space for you.

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The menu is well priced and contains all of the classics such as croquettes, tortilla, pimientos de padrón, tomato sauce, and much more. The cava is yummy, and the home bottle is quite drinkable and nicely priced. The support is easy and quick, and the entire experience is thoroughly enjoyable. If you’re in a few, you can begin with a half bottle of cava and a couple of pintxos in the bars in the entry, passing by and feel like a snack you can fall in and recharge for an instant.

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Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona is at Plaza de Angels at the very top of Raval. It started on the 28th of November 1995, was developed by Richard Meier and their spouses. The construction tips at modernism are incredibly different from those of other modernist works across town. Rather than vivid colors and curved lines such as a good deal of Gaudi’s work, it’s sharp lines and can be white with a single front, mostly glass, offering a fantastic view of the square and letting a lot of natural light to the galleries.

All the artwork is Catalan and Spanish and dates from the mid 20th century onwards. There’s also a library with specialized publications in the center. The painting exhibit periodically. The first component is that the 40’s to the ’60s; the next covers the ’60s and ’70s, and the last part is modern. The individual collections focus on article 1945 Catalan and Spanish artwork, but a worldwide painting is exhibited from time to time.

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